How To

How To Use Coupons & Deals?

Discount Code

You will receive a code (eg: FESTIVAL50) that you must enter before you can complete your purchase (usually on the Cart screen or Payment screen) – the field for entering the discount code will be labeled “Discount Coupon”, “Discount Code” or “Promotional” etc. In some stores you will need to be logged in to be able to view this field.


Discount Link

In this case a code will not be required – the discount will be automatically applied to the products of the site, that is, the prices of the products will already appear with lower values. Some stores will show discounts on the value of products in the listing (may show “from / by” or show only the reduced price.



Makes Me Happy also list the best deals that stores advertise every day. In such cases, our coupon will not always reduce prices further (which are already well reduced because of these discount actions).

Makes Me Happy ™
Makes Me Happy ™